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Wall algae and mold appear mainly in autumn and spring, first in the form of smaller or larger light green spots, and later they turn into permanent, extensive and clearly visible, aesthetically unacceptable, dark gray spots.

The reasons behind the increasing number of algae that have appeared on the facades of buildings in recent years are primarily due to the changes in the climatic conditions of our region, as the environmental conditions have had a favorable effect on the proliferation of different types of algae. In most cases the appearance of algae is not caused by reasons stemming from production or construction, but is a subsequent development on the surface afterwards.


Foggy valleys, wet and waterside areas are primarily affected, but also where the number of rainy days are high.It is a general fact that algae growth starts on the most unfavourable north-facing facades of a building, or on the two adjacent facades, and can then spread to other parts of the building. It is also a risk in the cover of adjacent buildings, or in the vegetation adjacent to the wall or in the contiguous woodland behind the house.Since we have little control over environmental influences, we must eradicate the existing algae infestation in time and delay the recolonisation as much as possible.


To achieve longer, but time-limited active protection, first wash the surface with Peakston SILVERCOAT MULTIWASH wall wash, then let it dry! Once cleaned and dry, coat the surface with Peakston SILVERCOAT HYDRONIX water repellent impregnator, which contains a biocidal agent that delays the development of algae and fungi! That is all!


SILVERCOAT MULTIWASH is a wall wash, masonry preservative solution suitable for preventing algae and fungus infestation on facades and interior wall surfaces. The product provides temporary protection, so for a long term solution, the surface should be recoated with a mold inhibiting paint. It is also suitable for the treatment of outdoor algae, mossy artificial stone objects and wall surfaces.


SILVER COAT HYDRONIX hydrophobizes and impregnates facade wall surfaces, concrete, plastered or exposed brick walling, natural and artificial stone surfaces. It protects the surface from salt efflorescence and protects it from the damaging effects of frost. By using it, we can effectively protect against the formation of algae and fungi on the surface (after treating the surface with Peakston SILVERCOAT MULTIWASH wall cleaner).


Members of the SUPREMIX product family, colored, environmentally friendly plaster primers and facade plasters with acrylic and silicone binders, protect against algae and fungus, which can be used on both exterior and interior wall surfaces!


The most effective protection against algae growth - in addition to the properly selected facade coating - is prevention, i.e. to try to filter out as many of the above-mentioned risk factors as possible. If algae formation has already started on the surface, it can be treated with cleaning. This can be done with an algaecide chemical, a high-pressure washer, or other mechanical cleaning (e.g. with a brush) so that the base surface is not damaged! In case of heavy contamination, after the facade has dried, the algaecide-disinfectant must be left to dry on the surface after repeated washing, and then the surface must be repainted with SILVERCOAT SILICONE-BASED OUTDOOR WALL PAINT after priming.

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