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About US

Peakston Kft. was founded in 1993 as a family business with the aim of producing modern, high-quality, and at the same time affordable construction auxiliary materials for the Hungarian market.

Who are we?

Our products have earned the trust of customers and users with their wide range of colors and reliable quality. Thanks to this, our company quickly outgrew the framework of a typical family businesses, allowing it to develope into one of the largest exclusively Hungarian-owned building material manufacturers.
Currently, production occurs at two locations: Dunavarsány- the company's headquarters, and Majosháza. In our internationally renowned laboratory, with the help of highly qualified specialists, we only develop materials and accessories that fully meet the requirements of Építésügyi Minósésövernőrző Innovations Nonprofit Kft. (ÉMI). Therefore, we believe that high-quality products and competent application together create timeless quality. Our goal is for Peakston® products to be reliable components of homes for many years to come.


As the predecessor of Peakston Ltd., we start our activities as an export-import trading company.
Establishment of Peakston Ltd., the company's headquarters in Dunavarsány and the so-called wet product factory.
Establishment of a new site for our company in Majosháza and the creation of our so-called dry product factory.
As the development of our dry product factory, we have installed our new sand drying equipment.
Comprehensive reorganization of Peakston Ltd. under a completely new strategy, covering all operational areas of the company to better meet market challenges.
We set up our modern innovation laboratory and establish a rigorous quality assurance system, while modernising the formulation of all our products to improve quality.
Our products are continuously updated to meet our quality enhancement objectives. We regularly modernize our formulas.
With the help of six people, we are building a system of regional representatives covering the whole country, as well as an applications engineering department who work in close collaboration with the laboratory and sales departments.
We enter the market with our new colouring system, Colorinno, based on the fully UV stable colouring pigments of Pinova AG. from Switzerland.
Start of our export activities to Slovakia with the establishment of Peakston Slovakia sro.
Launch of our premium category product line under the Supremix brand.
We obtain the NMÉ certificate (National Technical Assessment) for the Peakston Complete Thermal Insulation System (EPS and Mineral Wool based) from ÉMI Ltd.
We were the first Hungarian building materials manufacturer to receive the right to use the ÉMI Quality Mark at the Construma Fair, which certifies the controlled quality of our products.
Our private label service is made available to our partners, whereby our products, made according to our modern recipes, are produced under the brand name of our contracting partners.
Launch of our export activities to Romania with the establishment of Peakston Romania srl.
Launch of our hobby category product line under the brand name Öko-Flex.
We obtain ETA (European Technical Approval) certification for the Peakston Complete Thermal Insulation System (EPS based) from TSUS in Bratislava.
Modernisation of our dry product factory to increase capacity, with the commissioning of a new, fully automated production line in Majosháza.
Comprehensive IT development and implementation of a complex ERP system to further improve operational efficiency.
Modernisation of our wet-product factory to increase capacity, with the installation of a new, fully automated production line in Majosháza.
In parallel with the development of our plaster formulations, we launch our Colorinno G3 colouring system with an updated colour range.
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