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Facade Thermal Insulation Systems
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Environmentally friendly, paste-like, microfibre-reinforced silicone thin plaster with natural mineral filler and protection against biological attacks (algae and fungi) for indoor and outdoor wall surfaces. After plastering, the desired structure can be created with a plastic trowel, rolling the stones in the appropriate direction (e.g. horizontal, vertical, circular). Given its high vapour permeability, we also recommend it for mineral wool and polystyrene systems. Can be mixed in any colour according to brought sample.

25 kg plastic tubs
Material Requirement:
2.4 – 2.6 kg/m2
With maximum 5% water, if necessary
Drying Time:
at 20°C: 24 hours (during which the surface must be protected from rain)
Shelf Life:
Stored in its original packaging, protected against moisture, direct sunlight and frost: 12 months
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