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Priming and surface preparation
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Hydrophobises and impregnates facade wall surfaces, concrete, rendered or exposed brick walls, natural and artificial stone surfaces. Protects the surface from efflorescence and the harmful impact of frost, as it prevents the penetration of water and contaminants. It offers efficient protection against algae and fungi formation on the surface, provided that impregnation is carried out after treating it with Peakston MULTIWASH wall cleaner.

5 litre jerry can, 10 litre jerry can
Material Requirement:
approx. 0.1 -0.5 litre/m2
The product must always be used undiluted.
Drying Time:
at 20°C approx. 2 hours, dry-to-touch after 30 minutes
Shelf Life:
Stored in its original packaging, protected against frost, moisture, and direct sunlight: 2 years
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