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Peakston/ Supremix- Silomantel hydrophobizer

Supremix Silomantel is a low-viscosity hydrophobizer. Aqueous emulsion based on non-ionic silane siloxane with a high active ingredient content. It impregnates facade wall surfaces, concrete, plastered or exposed brick masonry, natural and artificial stone surfaces or even wooden structures and wooden surfaces. This water-repellent emulsion can be used in many areas where it is necessary to protect the substrate against the penetration of liquid water, it also provides protection against various contaminants, protects the surface from salt efflorescence and frost peeling. It can be used to effectively protect against the formation of algae and fungi on the surface, if the impregnation is done after the surface has been treated with Peakston MULTIWASH wall washer. Supremix Silomantel does not change the surface appearance of impregnated substrates.
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